• 3D Hudson Empire Mall
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    Virtual Mall
    The most Powerful and Innovative 3D Experience to reach your Customers and market your
    Products and Services Worldwide and 24/7
  • 3D Experience
    Immerse yourself in a new way of Online 3D Shopping, walking through the aisles with
    360-Navigation and visiting our 3D Shops
  • Innovative & Intuitive
    Imagine walking through your favorite Stores from home at any time
    and be able to interact with Merchants and other Visitors

Our Virtual Mall

The 3DKnot technology offers you a unique 3D Immersive Virtual Mall open 24/7 with potential Customers visiting from all over the World.

Visit your favorite shop and order their products while you are immersed in The Virtual Mall.

Ground Level (ft2)
Height (ft)
Width Span (ft)
Store Floors

Our Stores & Shops

Select your shop among 4 types of Virtual Stores (Express, Standard, Premium, Corporate)

Corporate 3D Store
82 ft x 41 ft - 3362 ft2

Reinforce your Brand with a complete Immersive Store, eCommerce and an Advanced Communication Campaign

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Premium 3D Shop
33 ft x 33 ft - 1089 ft2

Engage your potential Customers with Interactive Tools and a complete eCommerce and Notifications plan

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Standard 3D Shop
16,5 ft x 16,5 ft - 272 ft2

Create your 3D Virtual Shop and invite your clients to immerse themselves and check their favorite products

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Express 2D Shop

Do not stay behind and be part of The Virtual Mall with a friendly eCommerce Landing Page and Engaging Features

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Out-Of-The-Box Virtual Mall

- Up to now, ecommerce was important; from now on, it will be essential -
What better way to improve your online presence than having a 3D space on our Virtual Mall?


Our Virtual Mall design brings a unique range of Colors, 3D Environments and Futuristic Worlds.


We offer different options to create your 3D Shop, tailored to your budget.

Fully Responsive

Enjoy the 3D Immersive Virtual Mall from any Device(Desktop, Tablet, Cellphone).


Visitors can receive Push Notifications on their devices from Shops offering the latest News & Coupons.


Interact with other visitors in the mall and with a Virtual Shop Assistant to answer questions.


Advanced metrics are gathered in real-time to track customers insights and measure ROI.

Visit Our Worldwide Virtual Mall

Pricing - Options & Features


  • Company’s Logo & Branding
  • Product Description
  • Contact Details
  • Links to Download Content
  • Basic eCommerce (Optional)
  • Offers & Notifications(Optional)
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  • 3D Immersive Experience
  • 360º Navigation
  • Marketing & Communication Campaings
  • 1 Interactive ePanel
  • Corporate or Brand Video
  • eCommerce Capabilities
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  • Includes all features available on STANDARD package, plus:
  • 2 Interactive ePanels
  • eCatalog Magazine
  • Advanced eCommerce Capabilities
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  • Includes all features available on PREMIUM package, plus:
  • Virtual Rep
  • Additional ePanels & Video Units
  • Customized Chat Room
  • Advanced eCommerce Capabilities
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We build the future of virtual shopping

Share the 3DKnot Technology with your Customers, so they can enjoy a unique,
innovative and enhanced 3D Shopping Experience


3DKnot - Powered by Surfernet, constantly analyzes market trends to improve our 3D technology solutions.
Let us share with you our 25 years of experience.


Surfernet technologies help you achieve your immediate goals, creating a fully customized Digital Strategy for you
and your business.


Surfernet is commited to developing the latest and most cost - effective solutions to become your technology partner, having executed more than 2, 500 successful projects.

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